TekUI is a small, freestanding and portable graphical user interface (GUI) toolkit written in Lua and C. It was initially developed for the X Window System and has been ported to Linux framebuffer, raw framebuffer, DirectFB, Windows, and other displays since. A VNC server option is available that allows the remote control of tekUI applications.

Its main focus is the rapid development of custom-made applications with a custom appearance, such as for embedded devices with a display controller (see also fitness for the use in embedded systems). In the long term, it is intended to feature a class library supporting regular, general-purpose desktop and mobile applications.

Being mostly written in the Lua scripting language and using a simple inheritance scheme and class library, tekUI is easily extensible with new user interface elements. New controls can be written (or prototyped) in Lua and ported to C later. The creation of new styles and themes and fitting the software to a new device are equally simple.

See overview for a more detailed technical description.


TekUI is free software under the same license as Lua itself: It can be used for both academic and commercial purposes at no cost. It qualifies as Open Source software, and its license is compatible with the GPL – see copyright. Additional components are available under a commercial license – see support.

Status, requirements

TekUI is slowly approaching feature completeness ("beta" stadium). It is available for Windows and Unix-like operating systems such as Linux, BSD, Mac OS X, Solaris and HP-UX, and it may work on other flavours of Unix with few modifications.

Display drivers are included for X11, Windows, Linux framebuffer, raw memory, and DirectFB. See also TODO for a list of known bugs and missing features, and installation for a list of the required libraries.

Support and services

Special adaptations, custom display drivers, new user interface elements, and support and services for the integration of tekUI into your products are available from the authors – see below. A commercially licensed and supported version is available on request.

Authors, links, downloads

Authors and contributors:

  • Timm S. Müller <tmueller at>
  • Franciska Schulze <fschulze at>
  • Tobias Schwinger <tschwinger at>

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